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gwop (uncountable)

  1. (African-American Vernacular, MLE) money, moola
    • 2011, “Rappin’ ’Bout Nothing”, in S.T.R.E.E.T. (Speakin’ Thru Real Experience Every Time), performed by Termanology & Ea$Y Money feat. ST. Da Squad):
      We just rappin’ ’bout nuttin, but we count this gwop
    • 2013, Cdai (lyrics), “Get Sum Gwuap”, performed by RondoNumbaNine ft. Cdai:
      I’m tryna get this gwop, don’t give a fuck about no bitch
      And if a op get in my lane, he gon’ get this fuckin clip
    • 2014, Cdai (lyrics), “Bail Out”, performed by RondoNumbaNine ft. Cdai:
      Everyday I wake up gotta get back to the gwop
      Just another fuckin day in that gangway slangin rocks
    • 2014, KenSon (lyrics), “This Gwop”, performed by KenSon:
      Never trust these hoes
      Never trust these niggas
      I’m all bout my gwop
      If you ain’t talking about the money
      I ain’t tryna fucking listen
    • 2016 October 4, Reekz MB (lyrics), “No Face”, performed by Reekz MB ft. LD 67:
      Don’t try talk about gwop
      When I know you ain’t even got a bag one