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From gynaecologist or gynaecology +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix).


gynie (plural gynies)

  1. Diminutive of gynaecologist
    • 2006, Sally Miall, Night and Day, New Media Foundry, UK, page 26,
      Anyway, I told her, the gynie woman, how I absolutely adore Charles and I do want his children. And Celia, she said he should come for tests! Can you believe it?
    • 2009, Sherie Posesorski, Shadow Boxing, Coteau Books, Canada, page 183,
      I had never been on this side of the floor. The fertility clinic was at the far right of the floor, and the gynies seeing women without fertility problems on the far left, with the labs in the middle.
  2. Diminutive of gynaecology
    • 2011, Pardis Mahdavi, Gridlock: Labor, Migration, and Human Trafficking in Dubai, Stanford University Press, page 173,
      “When I came, well I am trained as a gynie [gynecologist], and I came to provide services to my gynie patients,” she said, fighting the fatigue weighing down her eyelids.