See also: horas, høras, and hoera's

Swedish edit

Etymology edit

Passive of höra (hear), with a reciprocal meaning. Literally, "be heard."

Verb edit

höras (present hörs, höres, preterite hördes, supine hörts)

  1. (deponent, usually in the infinitive or present tense, sometimes with vid) to be in contact (often remotely, often on the phone)
    Vi kan väl höras (vid) (igen) lite närmare?
    We could call each other (for example) (again) when it gets a little closer, right? [closer to the date of something implied from context]
    Vi hörs senare/snart!
    Talk to you later/soon! ("We are in contact later/soon!" – often shortened to "Vi hörs!" (Talk to you later!))

Usage notes edit

Vid is stressed when included – "höras vid" is a particle verb.

Conjugation edit

Verb edit


  1. passive infinitive of höra

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