hack +‎ -proof


hackproof (comparative more hackproof, superlative most hackproof)

  1. Secure from hackers; impossible to hack into.
    • 1988 February 2, Dr. Odd, “Cyberhackers”, in alt.cyberpunk, Usenet[1], retrieved 2016-12-15, message-ID <2899@cup.portal.com>:
      Now consider the Hacker Ethic. Authority? HAH! It's all about breaking the rules, isn't it? Authority is the thing to beat. It's the thing to test your technical creativity against and win. Rebellion at the end of the electric outlet. You don't hack in the modern media sense just because it feels so good when you stop. Oh no. You do it because it is to some extent elitist. You are part of the club. You know the jargon. You have the right access codes. Ultimately, it's a way of proving that you are better then The Authority which designed the hack-proof system. And Not Getting Caught. By getting in you become the authority. Yeah I know, it's all because you hate your father and want to sleep with your mother. Dr. Odd should be charging by the hour in LA-LA land (CA). But think about it. It's plausible. It reads well. You're still awake...
    • 2002, Bruce A Shuman, Case studies in library security
      He's going to feel like he got hit by a train. Maybe he'll even have a full-fledged nervous breakdown. Hackproof, he used to call his system.