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half-century (plural half-centuries)

  1. A period of fifty years, half of a century.
    • 1962 March, J. M. Tolson, “The Netherlands Railways today—I: The economic development of the Netherlands Railways”, in Modern Railways, page 170:
      The Dutch population has grown rapidly in the last half-century and its increase has been matched by an expansion of industry, with the result that the same period has seen the Netherlands develop from a mainly agricultural to an industrial country.
  2. (cricket) A score of 50 runs by a single batsman in one innings
    • 2009 January 30, AAP, “Vics make great start despite Rogers loss”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      He brought up his half-century with a powerful drive past offspinner Dan Cullen, whose seven overs cost 0-52.
  3. (sports) A score of 50 points in a single game.
    • 2023 May 1, Steve Sutcliffe, “World Snooker Championship 2023 final: Luca Brecel beats Mark Selby for first world title”, in BBC Sport:
      Selby's charge continued with a half-century in the 30th frame and a fluked red set him on the way to winning the 31st frame.

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