half +‎ court


halfcourt ‎(plural halfcourts)

  1. (basketball) The middle of the court, at and near the center line
  2. (basketball) A basketball court that is half the size of a normal court
    • 1990 July 4, Linda Young, “3-on-3 offers hot aftertaste”, page 3:
      Count 'em, 150 basketball courts, actually halfcourts, will line Columbus Drive July 27-28 for the Bulls' second annual Shoot-the-Bull Three-on-Three Roundball Classic.
  3. (basketball) A shot taken from the middle of the court
    • 1999 January 24, Michael Arace, “NO. 1 UCONN 62, SETON HALL 47”, page E3:
      There was lots of weird stuff going on with zones and matchups and presses and fastbreaks and ball-deflating halfcourts, but UConn won with defense.