happen +‎ -er.


happener ‎(plural happeners)

  1. (dated, 1960s-1970s) One who participates in a happening.
  2. A person who makes things happen.
    • 1998, Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, page 118,
      Goodparley says, 'O no and in deed he aint hes bettern clevver hes a mover hes a happener. [] '
    • 1998 November 2, “hate crimes”, soc.singles.moderated, Usenet:
      How does (to take an extreme example) me saying to myself that somebody deserves what happens give any support to the happener?
    • 2009, Jan Doke, Broken Jar, page 167,
      Just as we who believe in God know that there can be no creation without a Creator, we also know that whenever something happens, there is always a happener.
  3. A person to whom things happen.
    • 1984, Rex Burns, Strip Search: A Gabe Wager Mystery, page 23,
      "No way! He's not one of these people that do things. There's two kinds of people—the doers and the happeners. He's a happener. You know, things happen to him instead."
  4. (often used in the negative) An event that is expected to happen; a plan that is likely to succeed.

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