Alternative formsEdit


From heart +‎ -worthy.


heartworthy (comparative more heartworthy, superlative most heartworthy)

  1. Worthy of heart
    • 2011, David L. Birdsall, Harbingers of Redoubts:
      For this faring is base but necessary for my strategies, I fully admit it! But depravities deprive the heartless, not the heartworthy.
    • 2015, Ravens Station Steward, Ravens Station Steward:
      And the word of God that should have been done, the word was deemed no longer to the king a thing at all heartworthy; even honour dishonoured; nay, and certainly not regarded as reverent.
    • 2015, Amy Jo Cousins, Real World:
      [...] the kids thought he might foster, because being someone else's rock, even if only in a temporary way, would always be heart-worthy for them both; the kids who might make their house a forever home, because sometimes the most surprising people of all just stuck; [...]