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hemlock woolly adelgid



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hemlock woolly adelgid (plural hemlock woolly adelgids)

  1. An insect of the species Adelges tsugae.
    • 1995, Gleen Douglas Dreyer, Maintaining Your Woodland Garden, in Woodland Gardens (Brooklyn Botanic Garden), page 40
      Oak wilt, gypsy moth caterpillars, spruce bud worm and lately dogwood anthracnose and hemlock woolly adelgid are only some of the better known problems with which gardeners, foresters and ecologists must contend.
    • 1999, Steve Nash, Blue Ridge 2020, page 30:
      But around 1953, the hemlock woolly adelgid was discovered on Eastern hemlocks at Maymont Park.
    • 2005, John H. Burde and George A. Feldhamer, Mammals of the National Parks, JHU Press, page 82
      Another tree is being attacked by an alien insect, the hemlock woolly adelgid.


  • (Adelges tsugae): HWA

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