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hemo- +‎ cathartic


hemocathartic (comparative more hemocathartic, superlative most hemocathartic)

  1. (rare) That serves to cleanse the blood.
    • 1910, Heinrich Stern, “Bloodletting in Children”, in Journal of the American Medical Association, volume 55, number 21, page 1783:
      Apart from the fact that a hemocathartic or detoxicating influence of bloodletting has never been fully demonstrated, the suddenness of the relief afforded in uremia stamps depletion as a mechanical or physical therapeutic agent.
    • 2002, M Adachi, Methods of treatment of disease using adsorbent carriers, US Patent 6,498,007 (PDF version):
      As a blood treatment apparatus for the treatment of an HIV-infected disease, an external circulation apparatus composed in combination of a direct haemoperfusion column (capacity: about 335 ml) packed with cellulose acetate beads (220 g; diameter: 2 mm) and an adsorption-type haemocathartic apparatus (“ADAMONITOR MM6-P”, tradename; manufactured by Otsuka Denshi K.K.) was used [clinical Study on Use of Granulocyte-Removing Apparatus (G-1) for Chronic Rheumatism”, Ensho (Inflammation), 17(1), 57-80 (1997)].
    • 2003, S. Masuko, Hemocathartic column for purifying blood, US Patent 6,659,289 (PDF version):
      A hemocathartic column and apparatus, in which a column containing an adsorber capable of adsorbing and removing impurity components in blood []

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