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Etymology Edit

henotheist +‎ -ic

Adjective Edit

henotheistic (comparative more henotheistic, superlative most henotheistic)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or exhibiting henotheism.
    • 2010, Dafina Lazarus Stewart, “1: Knowing God, Knowing Self”, in Terrell L. Strayhorn, Melvin Cleveland Terrell, editors, The Evolving Challenges of Black College Students, Stylus Publishing, page 16:
      Both of the men in this study (Stewart, 2002) reflected more henotheistic identity commitments and understandings of spirituality.
    • 2012, M. David Litwa, We Are Being Transformed, Walter de Gruyter, page 245:
      After the exile, God's kingship changed from more henotheistic expressions to monotheistic ones. Nevertheless, there always remained a tension in ancient Judaism between the "God of all" and the "God of Israel."
    • 2012, Erika Manders, Coining Images of Power, BRILL, page 148:
      The coins referring to the Roman gods and, if we may believe the author of the Historia Augusta, the collection of Roman cult objects in the Heliogabalium favor a more henotheistic approach by the priest-emperor.