hetero- +‎ sex. Attested since the 20th century.


heterosex (usually uncountable, plural heterosexes)

  1. (sexuality) heterosexual sexual intercourse



heterosex (third-person singular simple present heterosexes, present participle heterosexing, simple past and past participle heterosexed)

  1. (sociology, transitive) To make heterosexual.
    • 2013, Paul Cloke, ‎Philip Crang, ‎Mark Goodwin, Introducing Human Geographies (page 651)
      For example, the heterosexing of public space means that while heterosexual couples can hold hands or kiss goodbye in the street, the same behaviour from same-sex couples is likely to attract attention and sometimes verbal or physical sanctions against them.
    • 2014, MariaCaterina La Barbera, Identity and Migration in Europe: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
      Although each society defines its own norms, most of them assign a higher status to men over women, to heterosexual persons over non-heterosexual ones, and to heterosexed bodies over non-heterosexed ones.