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holo- +‎ phyletic


holophyletic (not comparable)

  1. (biology) Forming a clade; monophyletic.
    • 2000, Charles Duncan Michener, The Bees of the World - Volume 1, →ISBN, page 55:
      The bees have long appeared to constitute a holophyletic unit.
    • 2008, Brian McGowran & ‎Kenneth George Denbigh, Biostratigraphy: Microfossils and Geological Time, →ISBN, page 119:
      Cladistics aims to identify holophyletic groups (clades) comprising all the descendants of a common ancestor.
    • 2013, Nikita Kluge, The Phylogenetic System of Ephemeroptera, →ISBN, page 1:
      McCafferty and Edmunds (1979) divided all mayflies into Pannota and Schistonota, regarding Pannota to be holophyletic, and Schistonota to be paraphyletic.

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