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From hometown +‎ -er.


hometowner (plural hometowners)

  1. One who lives in their hometown.
    • 1999, Kieran Bonner, A Great Place to Raise Kids:
      The temptation of the hometowner is therefore the classic temptation of insularity, which equates (or confuses) interest with self-absorption.
  2. A person who comes from one's own hometown.
  3. That which pertains to a hometown or one's hometown.
    • 2015, Mike Shepherd, Collage:
      “Yeah, let's do a hometowner, Gary, it'll be one for both of us.” “Hometowner? What the hell is that?” “For the radio stations in Springfield, it'll give you a chance to say hi to your mom and dad, and that fine little sister of yours.”