honey fungus


Armillaria mellea


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Wikispecies honey fungus (plural honey fungi)

  1. A parasitic mushroom of the genus Armillaria that lives on trees and shrubs.
    • 1893, Hermann Heinrich von Fürst, The Protection of Woodlands Against Dangers Arising from Organic and Inorganic Causes[1], page 75:
      The common edible Mushroom or Honey-fungus (Agaricus melleus) is also a very common, and in many places a very dangerous, parasite in young crops of conifers, whic, however, also occurs extensively as a saprophyte on dead stools and roots of old trees, especially of Beeches.
    • 2000, Science and Cultivation of Edible Fungi[2], volume 2, page 545:
      Zhu ling grows on honey fungi (Armelliaria mellea) rhizomorph for nutrients, leading to a unique cultivation process (Huang 1993, Yao & Huang 1993).
    • 2012, Ruth Binney, The Gardener's Wise Words and Country Ways[3], page 160:
      Honey fungus (Armillaria mellea) is most obvious when, in autumn, clumps of honey-coloured, pale-stemmed toadstools appear at the base of a tree.



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