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hot coppers



hot coppers pl (plural only)

  1. (obsolete) A hangover.
    • 1892, Harold Brodrick, The Son of Man (volume 2, page 40)
      [] gets drunk, he wakes up in the morning with a bad headache or with what, in the colonies, are called "hot coppers."
    • 1901, William Henley, Sandwich Man:
      The drunkard’s mouth a-wash for something drinkable,
      The drunkard’s eye alert for casual toppers,
      The drunkard’s neck stooped to a lot scarce thinkable,
      A living, crawling blazoning of Hot-Coppers []
    • 1913, Wine and Spirit News and Australian Vigneron (volume 24, page 206)
      In those days the doctor was often half-seas over when he attended his drunken patient; the parson was often drunk in the pulpit; judge, counsel and attorneys pursued their avocation in court in a prevailing atmosphere of hot coppers.