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ikhanda class 5/6 ‎(plural amakhanda)

  1. head (top part of the body)
  2. headache


Class 5/6, short locative
Singular Plural
Full form ikhanda, ilikhanda amakhanda
Simple form likhanda makhanda
Locative ekhanda emakhanda
Copulative yikhanda ngamakhanda
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Class 1 wekhanda wamakhanda
Class 2 bekhanda bamakhanda
Class 3 wekhanda wamakhanda
Class 4 yekhanda yamakhanda
Class 5 lekhanda lamakhanda
Class 6 ekhanda amakhanda
Class 7 sekhanda samakhanda
Class 8 zekhanda zamakhanda
Class 9 yekhanda yamakhanda
Class 10 zekhanda zamakhanda
Class 11 lwekhanda lwamakhanda
Class 14 bekhanda bamakhanda
Class 15 kwekhanda kwamakhanda
Class 17 kwekhanda kwamakhanda