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ill-received (comparative more ill-received, superlative most ill-received)

  1. Poorly received; not enjoying the positive reception expected.
    • 2012, BBC, Author Roth rebukes Wikipedia over Human Stain edit, BBC News:
      The Human Stain tells the tale of Coleman Silk, a classics tutor at a fictional Massachusetts college, whose life spirals into chaos after he makes an ill-received remark judged by some as a racial slur.
    • 1843, J. Russell, The Causes of the French Revolution, A. & R. Spottiswoode, page 165:
      Being one day ill-received, he left off his visits: Rousseau met him afterwards in the street, and asked him why he did not come.
    • 2012, William Safire, On Language; Stop Me Before I Apologize Again, New York Times:
      President Clinton's campaign of contrition began in his ill-received Aug. 17 expression of regret.