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inanna (Old Akkadian, Babylonian)

  1. now, just now, nowadays
    𒆠𒈠 𒄿𒈾𒀭𒈾 [kīma inanna]ki-ma i-na-an-naright now (literally, “like (it was) now”)
    𒅖𒌅 𒄿𒈾𒀭𒈾 [ištu inanna]iš-tu i-na-an-nahenceforth (literally, “from now”)
    𒀀𒁲 𒄿𒈾𒀭𒈾 [adi inanna]a-di i-na-an-nauntil now

Alternative forms Edit

  • inanni (sometimes after a preposition)
Cuneiform spellings

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References Edit

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