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insular Spaniard



insular Spaniard (plural insular Spaniards)

  1. A person of Spanish descent who lives in the Philippines.
    • 1902, Francis St. Clair, The Katipunan or The Rise and Fall of the Filipino Commune, Amigos del Pais (Manilla)
      The first thing the separatists desired was to get rid of the Peninsu[l]ar Spaniard; the next to go would have been the insular Spaniard, then the Spanish mestizo, then the chinee half-caste and the chinee; after which would come the gradual extinction of the various tribes.
    • 1969, Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt, The Political Systems of Empires (page 76)
      Within the Spanish society, a great difference evolved between the Insular Spaniards, sent over for different periods of time from Spain, to serve as officials, etc., and the "native" Spaniards, the Creoles.