Alternative formsEdit


From interview +‎ -worthy.


interview-worthy (comparative more interview-worthy, superlative most interview-worthy)

  1. Worthy of an interview; suitable for or befitting an interview.
    • 2008, Charles Stross, Halting State:
      It's the Big Day today, but your sole interview-worthy suit is three years out of fashion, none of your shirts are ironed (or made of fabric with no-wrinkle, for that matter), and your one-and-only tie has somehow acquired a big brown beer-stain [...]
    • 2009, Clea Simon, Probable Claws:
      Still, I enjoyed the attention while I browsed through my closet, looking for something interviewworthy. Black, black, denim, and leather: my wardrobe had only become more rock and roll over the past few years.
    • 2012, Shannon Stacey, Exclusively Yours:
      She brought up the movie and he talked about it in a generic sense, but she noted how careful he was not to say anything even remotely interview-worthy.