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isibungu class 7/8 ‎(plural izibungu)

  1. worm


Class 7/8
Singular Plural
Full form isibungu izibungu
Simple form sibungu zibungu
Locative esibungwini ezibungwini
Copulative yisibungu yizibungu
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Class 1 wesibungu wezibungu
Class 2 besibungu bezibungu
Class 3 wesibungu wezibungu
Class 4 yesibungu yezibungu
Class 5 lesibungu lezibungu
Class 6 esibungu ezibungu
Class 7 sesibungu sezibungu
Class 8 zesibungu zezibungu
Class 9 yesibungu yezibungu
Class 10 zesibungu zezibungu
Class 11 lwesibungu lwezibungu
Class 14 besibungu bezibungu
Class 15 kwesibungu kwezibungu
Class 17 kwesibungu kwezibungu

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