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Compare Hebrew אֱדוֹם(’eḏōm), Akkadian 𒌑𒁺𒈪 (Udumi), Edomite 𐤀𐤃𐤌(ʾdm)


Proper nounEdit


 m./f. topo.

  1. Edom
    • c. 1213-1203 BCE,, Letter of a Frontier Official in Papyrus Anastasi VI (British Museum EA 10245) (trans. James Henry Breasted):
      [tw.n] grḥ.(wj)n m ḏj[.t] sš nꜣ mhjwt šꜣsw n jdwmꜥ pꜣ ḫ[t]m [n] mrj.n-ptḥ-ḥtp-ḥr-mꜣꜥt ꜥnḫ-(w)ḏꜣ-s(nb) ntj ṯkw r nꜣ bꜣjrkꜣ{bw}tjw n pr tm [n] mrj.[n]-ptḥ-ḥtp-ḥr-mꜣꜥt ntj ṯkw r sꜥnḫ.w r sꜥnḫ nꜣy.w jꜣwt m pꜣ kꜣ ꜥꜣ n pr-ꜥꜣ ꜥnḫ-(w)ḏꜣ-s(nb) pꜣ rꜥ nfr n tꜣ nb{t}
      We have finished passing the tribes of the Shasu of Edom through the Fortress of Merneptah-Hotephirma, L.P.H., in Theku, to the pools of Pithom, of Merneptah-Hotephirma in Theku, in order to sustain them and their herds in the domain of Pharaoh, L.P.H., the good Sun of every land.

Alternative formsEdit