English edit

Noun edit

jewelry (usually uncountable, plural jewelries)

  1. US standard spelling of jewellery.

Verb edit

jewelry (third-person singular simple present jewelries, present participle jewelrying, simple past and past participle jewelried) (rare)

  1. (intransitive) To make jewelry.
    • 1897 August 10, Ephraim Cutter, “Fatty Ills and Their Masquerades”, in The Medical Age, volume 15, number 15:
      He was using all the arts of barbering, livery stabling, jewelrying, oratorying, and tailoring.
    • 1991, Hugh M. Addington, History of the Family of Addington in the United States and England, page 37:
      The members of this family have an honest and honorable record in their dealings and relations in every way, preferring the peaceful calling of farming, poultrying, and jewelrying; with a home of many comforts and enjoyments.
  2. (intransitive) To adorn with jewelry or make into jewelry.
    • 1988, Helen Khal, The Woman Artist in Lebanon:
      The large UNESCO hall, where she exhibited, held them all in full space and light — the early paintings, the hand-woven textures and colors in wool, the brilliance of enamels and glass, jewelried silver and gold, and the structured clay metal and stone pieces.

Usage notes edit

  • Also used in Canada, but less common there than jewellery.