Albanian edit

Etymology edit

From kallëza pl (grain to be gleaned) +‎ mbledhës (gatherer, harvester).

Pronunciation edit

  This entry needs pronunciation information. If you are familiar with the IPA then please add some!
Particularly: “should it be transcribed /-mˈbl-/ or /-ˈmbl-/?”

Noun edit

kallëzambledhës m (plural kallëzambledhës)

  1. gleaner, one who gleans grain
    Synonyms: (dialectal) kallëzore, shpikugerë

Further reading edit

  • “kallëzambledhës”, in FGJSSH: Fjalor i gjuhës së sotme shqipe [Dictionary of the modern Albanian language]‎[1] (in Albanian), 1980, page 771