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PIE word

First attested ca. 1600, from French kermès, from Medieval Latin cremesinus (compare Italian chermes, Spanish carmes), from Arabic قِرْمِز(qirmiz) (whence also Portuguese quermes, alquermes), from a Persian word meaning “worm-colored” (compare modern Persian قرمز(qermez)), ultimately Proto-Indo-Iranian *kŕ̥miš (worm), possibly via borrowing from a Sanskrit formation. Related to carmine and crimson.[1] For the semantic development, compare vermilion from Latin vermis (worm) and its cognates.

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kermes (countable and uncountable, plural kermes)

  1. (countable) Any of several insects of the genus Kermes.
  2. (uncountable) A crimson dye made from the crushed bodies of these insects.

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  • Translingual: Kermes

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