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  1. simple past tense of know
  2. (colloquial, nonstandard) past participle of know
    • 1916, Emerson Hough, The Man Next Door[1], chapter XXIV:
      I'll say I've knew this some time and tried to stop it—it was my business to stop it.
    • 1937, John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, Covici Friede:
      [] I've knew people that if they got a rag rug on the floor and a kewpie doll lamp on the phonograph they think they're runnin' a parlor house.'
    • 1999, Steve Lopez, The Sunday Macaroni Club[2], Plume, →ISBN, page 242:
      Oh, I figured you would've knew. That's where I met Ham and he got me in the DA's office. That was years ago."


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  1. Alternative form of kne