lady lumps



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lady lumps pl (plural only)

  1. (slang) Breasts.
    • 2008, Adrianne Byrd, Her Lover's Legacy, Kimani Press (2008), →ISBN, page 114:
      “I was just going to fix your dress before you flash the driver your lovely lady lumps.”
    • 2008, Selene Yeager, "A Round of Drinks", Mountain Bike, July 2008:
      The chest strap is higher, too, though this tester found it still a bit smushy on her lady lumps.
    • 2013, Emer O'Toole, "The pros and cons of going braless", The Guardian, 12 April 2013:
      If not to prevent droopiness and backache, why do we underwire and wrap our lady lumps at all?
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