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lamb's bread



lamb's bread (uncountable)

  1. A strain of Jamaican cannabis.
    • 1979: Prince Far I, Free from Sin
      We don't want no hash, we don't want no dope, we just want the Lamb's bread collie
    • 1984: Steve Katz, Stolen Stories
      This one maybe grow to be the Lamb's Bread. Dat be strong weed.
    • 2003: Don Henry Ford, Jr., A Cowboy's Observations on Drugs
      For a change of pace we might smoke some Kona gold, Jamaican Lamb's Bread, or a competitor's Sonoma coma, indica, or []
    • 2004: Hank Bordowitz, Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright: The Bob Marley Reader
      Lamb's bread a special herb a hard for get eet, seen?
    • 2004, Annie Nocenti, Ruth Baldwin, The High Times Reader
      Marley: It lamb's bread.
      High Times: What's lamb's bread?
      Marley: De ability what de herb 'ave ya call lamb's bread. Some a dem ya call Bethlehem's bread.