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lawn food (usually uncountable, plural lawn foods)

  1. (informal) Fertilizer for grass.
    • 1989 June 19, Julie Greenwalt, "The Grass Is Always Greener on Jerry Baker's Lawn Because He Feeds It Beer, Soap and Ammonia," People Magazine (retrieved 22 April 2015):
      To fertilize, take a hose-end sprayer. Pour in one cup of liquid lawn food and follow with a can of beer, a cup of flea-and-tick shampoo and the balance in household ammonia.
    • 2007 Oct. 5, "Garden advice: Thorny problems," Telegraph (UK) (retrieved 22 April 2015):
      Buy him a rake, a rotary mower with a grass collection box, some autumn lawn food and The Lawn Expert by Dr Hessayon (£7.99, Transworld).
    • 2015 April 14, Mary Hunt, "Secrets of a cheapskate gardener," Pioneer Press (retrieved 22 April 2015):
      Mix four pounds magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) with a bag of your favorite lawn food that covers 2,500 square feet.