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leg +‎ -ie


leggie (plural leggies)

  1. (childish) A leg.
    • 1870, Nearer to Jesus, memorials of Robert Walter Fergus
      Once when I was trying to make his position a little more comfortable, he said — "Never mind left leggie, mamma; it does not need any care. What would I give if poor right leggie was only like it once more!"
  2. (cricket) A leg spin bowler, ie. leg spinner.
    • 2004: I'm still top leggie, says Warne — title of article by Chloe Saltau, The Age newspaper, 12 February 2004 [1]
  3. (surfing) A leg rope.
    • 2005: This place will really test how long you can hold your breath, and how strong your leggie is. If your leggie does break, kiss your board goodbye. — on Ceningan Point [2]