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lepto- +‎ sporangium


leptosporangium (plural leptosporangia)

  1. (botany) A sporangium formed from a single epidermal cell.
    • 2003, Jill Bailey, Filicinophyta (ferns), entry in The Facts on File Dictionary of Botany, page 84,
      In the Filicales the leptosporangium has a specialized spore dispersal mechanism involving an annulus of cells with thick walls that ejects spores explosively as it dries out.
    • 2010, Lily Bora, Principles of Paleobotany, page 256,
      The characteristic that unites the Filicales as a monophyletic clade is the presence of leptosporangia with an annulus-an area of specialized cells involved in dehiscence. [] Leptosporangia typically produce only a few spores, and are most commonly homosporous.
    • 2011, Michael G. Simpson, Plant Systematics, page 88,
      Leptosporangia are unique among vascular plants in (1) developing from a single cell, and (2) having a single layer of cells making up the sporangium wall.

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