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lick +‎ -y



licky (comparative lickier, superlative lickiest)

  1. Prone to licking.
    • 1981, Don Bannister, Long day at Shiloh
      ...but she gives you the feeling all the time that she's bony that's it bony and if she does fancy it she sure as hell don't show it get a lickier kiss from Granny Coombs than I do offen her all that Methodis' stuff I guess
    • 2003, Michael Wordsmiff, James Baggit and the Storyteller's Ring - Page 13
      He was a proper dog; a great, woolly, lolloping beast with huge paddy paws, a waggy tail and a very licky tongue.
    • 2007, Augusten Burroughs, Possible Side Effects : True Stories - Page 25
      As soon as the dog was safely enclosed within the area of our legs, it became happy and licky. He ran to one then the other. Then he sat on the floor and watched us watching him.

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