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Blend of like +‎ hijacking; compare clickjacking.


likejacking (uncountable)

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  1. (Internet, neologism) The malicious practice of tricking users of a social networking website into "liking" something they did not intend to like.
    • 2010, Dave Awl, Facebook Me!
      On Facebook, the form this takes has been dubbed Likejacking, because the object of the scam is to get you to click a hidden Like button, sending out a News Feed story saying that you Liked a Page or a link that you haven't, in fact, Liked.
    • 2011, "Sycho", Insurgents Intercept Drone Video in King-Size Security Breach (Updated, with Video) (on newsgroup alt.2600)
      No risk of "likejacking", "clickjacking", spammy apps or anything else that's so prevalent these days.