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Alternative formsEdit

Spellings with initial h, suggesting reanalysis as hmm + 'kay, are common on the Internet, though print citations are yet lacking.


Nasalized variant of "okay". Perhaps made popular by frequent appearance in the cartoon South Park as Mr Mackey's catchphrase; earlier, apparently only in linguistic transcriptions of speech.




  1. (informal) Okay; an expression of acknowledgment or affirmation, now sometimes used in an ironic or condescending sense.

spelling mkay

  • 1991, Barbara A. Fox, “Cognitive and Interactional Aspects of Correction in Tutoring,” in Teaching Knowledge and Intelligent Tutoring, Peter Goodyear ed. [1]:
    In these tutoring sessions we have found that, when the tutor agrees with the student’s displayed understanding, her signal of confirmation comes quickly after the student’s turn, as in:
    S: Mkay. .hh And I know it’s negative, just to follow your thought process, because I know that the sine is positive.
    T. Mhm
  • 1993, Herbert H Clark, Arenas of Language Use [2]
    [...] the director would go on only when both were satisfied the matcher had understood, as here:
    D. The long view of the quad uh walkway
    M. those
    M. ┌ numbers right?
    D. └ is number 5
    M. Mkay
    D. Yeah with the numbers on the bottom.
  • 1995, Charles Conrad and Lucinda Sinclair-James, “Institutional Pressures, Cultural Constraints, and Communication in Community Mediation Organizations,” in Conflict and Organizations, Anne Maydan Nicotera ed.
    M1: Mkay. Let me point us back to. This is related to um what we were talking about and how you’re going to um sort of report what happened here tonight.
  • 2004, Gordon Atkinson, [3]:
    My bold, Crocodile Hunter “Absolutely” withered into “mkay” with the end of the word lilted up like a desperate question.
  • 2004, Deanna Kizis, How to Meet Cute Boys [4]:
    That has nothing to do with star-power crap and everything to do with keeping it real, mkay?

spelling mmkay

  • 1997: Christina S. Beck, Partnership for Health (dead link):
    C: I want you to re:st (.) re:st (.) as much as you can do (.) is just re:st (.) hhh when >you go< home (.) >you tell< your husband you make dinner honey (.) hhh you take care of me (.) . . . I need >to set< down (.) I need >to rest< (.)
    P: mmkay (.)
    C: and >get down< (.) watch your sodium (.) the salt=
  • 2004, Abbe Diaz, PX This (dead link):
    well i used to have some skilled sticky fingers of my own back in the day so i know a shoplifted dress when i see one mmkay.
  • 2005, Catherine Delaney, The Rosameorns (dead link):
    I looked back to him...mmkay brown hair dark eyes...high cheek bones that lucky monkey I wonder if he has some native American.
  • 2005, Jenny Colgan, Boy I Loved Before (dead link)
    She was sitting perched on her desk, in that nonchalant, ‘mmkay?’ way teachers do when they’re trying to pretend they’re down with the kids.

spelling mmmkay

  • 1999, “It's Easy, MMMKay.” [title, in soundtrack] South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  • 2004, Victoria Schmitz, If It’s Not One Thing It’s the Other [5]:
    Let’s get all this straight. He took me to a place he hates to see if I like it. Mmmkay.
  • 2004, Stephanie Lehmann, Are You in the Mood [6]
    He told her she could sleep in if she liked. “Mmmkay,” she said without opening her eyes, and he kissed her good-bye.

spelling m’kay

  • 1999, Tom Bradley, Black Class Cur [7]:
    “I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anybody, not even the missus, m’kay?
  • 2003, Bill Hunt and Todd Doogan, The Digital Bits: Insider’s Guide to DVD [8]:
    But do keep in mind that this film [viz. South Park] is not for the faint of heart, and it ain’t for kids, m’kay?

spelling mm-kay

  • 2000, Tom Bradley, Hustling the East [9]:
    She didn’t ask what that was supposed to mean, but tallied a while on her fingertips and obliged him.
    Mm-kay, bye.”
  • 2005, Bill Eisele, Scrub Match [10]
    “All I’m saying,” the Asian man said, “is it’s about time she got a whiff of her own breath. Mm-kay?”

spelling mmm-kay

  • 2005: Michael Collins, Hot Lights, Cold Steel [11]:
    “Well, I’m going to take a picture of your arm and then this nice doctor is going to fix it for you, okay?”