mängd c

  1. an amount; a quantity or a volume
    En stor mängd sand
    Lots of sand
  2. a crowd; a number of things collected
    En mängd leksaker lades under dynorna där barnen lekte.
    A crowd of toys were pushed beneath the couch where the children were playing.
    Barnet hade lagt mängder av dockor bredvid sig i sängen.
    The child had put loads of dolls next to it in the bed.
  3. a crowd; a large congregated group of people
    Så fort dörrarna öppnades strömmade mängden in.
    As soon as the doors were opened the crowd streamed inside.
  4. (mathematics) a set
    Mängden av de reella talen.
    The set of the real numbers.


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