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Cognate with Hebrew מָחַץ(mɔḥaṣ) and Ugaritic 𐎎𐎃𐎕 (mḫṣ /⁠maḫiṣa⁠/, to hit, kill).

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Verb edit

maḫāṣum (G, a, durative imaḫḫaṣ, perfect imtaḫaṣ, preterite imḫaṣ, imperative maḫaṣ) (from Old Akkadian on)

  1. to strike, hit, kill

Conjugation edit

Infinitive maḫāṣum
Participle māḫiṣum
Adjective maḫṣum
Active Durative Preterite Perfect Imperative
1.sg amaḫḫaṣ amḫaṣ amtaḫaṣ lumḫaṣ
2.sg m tamaḫḫaṣ tamḫaṣ tamtaḫaṣ maḫaṣ
f tamaḫḫaṣī tamḫaṣī tamtaḫṣī maḫṣī
3.sg imaḫḫaṣ imḫaṣ imtaḫaṣ limḫaṣ
1.pl nimaḫḫaṣ nimḫaṣ nimtaḫaṣ i nimḫaṣ
2.pl tamaḫḫaṣā tamḫaṣā tamtaḫṣā maḫṣā
3.pl m imaḫḫaṣū imḫaṣū imtaḫṣū limḫaṣū
f imaḫḫaṣā imḫaṣā imtaḫṣā limḫaṣā
This table gives Old Babylonian inflection. For conjugation in other dialects, see Appendix:Akkadian dialectal conjugation.

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References edit

  • maḫāṣu”, in The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (CAD), volume 10, M, part 1, Chicago: University of Chicago Oriental Institute, 1977