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malted milk (countable and uncountable, plural malted milks)

  1. A powder made by mixing malted barley, flour and milk, the mixture then being dried by evaporation; initially developed as a nutritional supplement, later used as a flavouring.
    • 1892, E. B. Treat, Archives of Pediatrics, Volume 9, page 88,
      The diet was also changed to malted milk — from one-half to one ounce given at a feeding. The careful diet, stomach-washing with doses of one grain of cerium oxalate in one-half drachm of chalk mixture, given hourly, were ineffectual.
    • 2008, Charity Ferreira, Brittles, Barks, and Bonbons, page 53,
      Malted milk powder is essentially a nutritional supplement, but it has a sweet, toasty milk flavor (think malt balls and malted milkshakes) that makes it a popular partner for chocolate.
    • 2009, Darcy S O′Neil, Fix the Pumps, page 44,
      Some milkshake recipes included malted milk powder, which would eventually become known as “malteds”. The only difference was the addition of the malted milk which was an early food supplement manufactured by Horlicks.
  2. (US, Australia) A milkshake with malted milk powder added for flavour.
    • 1918, Irving P. Fox, The Spatula, Volume 24, page 146,
      More dispensers fail with malted milk than with any one drink that I know about. There seems to be less knowledge of what a good malted milk should taste like than there is concerning any other drink.
    • 1979, William F. O'Dell, Andrew C. Ruppel, Robert H. Trent, Marketing Decision Making: Analytic Framework and Cases, page 207,
      One of the committee′s many marketing environment studies concerned malted milk consumption. The study revealed that while malted milk was a popular drink among young persons, virtually all of the consumption of the product took place outside the home.
    • 2003 February 25, DAVO, “**Exclusive** Big Brother 3 details”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Now that would be worth travelling half way 'round the country to see. Matty and Trev sharing a malted milk together!
    • 2009, J. R. Parrish, You Don′t Have to Learn the Hard Way: Making It in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates, page 33,
      Another example of this method comes from my youth, when we would go to a soda fountain for a malted milk. The soda clerk′s job was to sell eggs with the malted milk. If he didn′t have the skills, he would shyly say, “You probably don′t want an egg with your malted milk do you?” The answer would be a quick no. If he knew what you know now, he would hold an egg in each hand and say, “Which do you prefer, one egg or two in your malted milk?”


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