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masticator (plural masticators)

  1. Someone who masticates.
    • 2009 September 6, Cathal Kelly, “Will a gossip king's invites dry up?”, in Toronto Star[1]:
      If we can take the liberty of reducing Govani's clever phrasing and paper-thin beards to plain English, Linda Evangelista is a simpleton, Margaret Atwood is a pretentious bore and Angelina Jolie is a goat-like masticator.
    • 1850, William Cullen Bryant, Letters of a Traveller[2]:
      We encourage their singing as much as we can," said the brother of the proprietor, himself a diligent masticator of the weed, who attended us, and politely explained to us the process of making plug tobacco; "we encourage it as much as we can, for the boys work better while singing.
  2. A machine for cutting meat into fine pieces for toothless people.
  3. A machine for cutting leather, India rubber, or similar tough substances, into fine pieces, in some processes of manufacture.