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mean +‎ -ie


meanie (plural meanies)

  1. (informal, chiefly childish) A mean (unkind or miserly) person; a killjoy.
    Teacher kept me in after school again. What a meanie!
    That meanie wouldn't even lend me the bus fare.
    • 2010, Molly Ivins, Nothin' But Good Times Ahead, page 50:
      The indigent health-care bill died in the waning moments of the session, killed by Republican Representative Bill Ceverha of Dallas, a notorious meanie.
    • 2012, James Ferreira, Google Script: Enterprise Application Essentials, page 45:
      With a few gentle words, you calm Frank to a point of incoherent babbling and send him back to his office with a promise that you will do something to fight off those meanies and save the company from utter destruction.
  2. (informal) A villain.
    • 2006, Chad Dell, The Revenge of Hatpin Mary:
      If you like your wrestling rough, we've had besides such old and revered roughies as Lisowski, Schmidt, Herman, etc., some great new meanies.
    • 2007, Bob Sloan, The Middle of Nowhere:
      More energy for Bliss to pursue the depraved denizens of Gotham, the meanies who lurked in the shadows, who left the messes and spills he and his partner Ward were constantly cleaning up.
    • 2014, Sondra Forsyth, Candida Cleanse:
      It starts out as a friendly yeast among the beneficial microbes in your intestines but morphs into a meanie if you indulge in what is called the Western diet—a diet high in sugar, red meat, white flour, and processed foods.
    Synonym: baddie


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