English edit

Etymology edit

medicine +‎ -er

Noun edit

mediciner (plural mediciners)

  1. (archaic) A medical practitioner; a doctor.
    • 1863, J[oseph] Sheridan Le Fanu, The House by the Church-yard. [], volumes (please specify |volume=I to III), London: Tinsley, Brothers, [], →OCLC:
      Toole used to throw up his nose, and raise his eyebrows, and make his brother mediciner a particularly stiff, and withal scornful reverence when they met. Sturk, on the other hand, made a short, surly nod—'twas little more—and, without a word, turned on his heel, with a gruff pitch of his shoulder towards Toole.
    • 1928, Lewis Spence, Mysteries of Britain, page xi. 232:
      After that period, however, records of Irish mediciners and surgeons are frequent[.]

Swedish edit

Noun edit


  1. indefinite plural of medicin