English edit

Etymology edit

mental +‎ -ist

Pronunciation edit

  • (file)

Adjective edit

mentalist (comparative more mentalist, superlative most mentalist)

  1. Of or relating to mentalism

Noun edit

mentalist (plural mentalists)

  1. A practitioner of mentalism.
  2. (UK, slang) An insane person.
    • 1997, I'm Alan Partridge (TV series), To Kill a Mocking Alan
      Jed Maxwell: See you next week then. We'll have that pint.
      Alan Partridge: Yep.
      Jed Maxwell: ...go and see my brother.
      Alan Partridge: No way, you big spastic! You're a mentalist!
    • 2015, Andrew O'Hagan, The Illuminations, →ISBN, page 39:
      In front a staff sergeant with the new Royal Caledonians was gassing about Scullion and the regiment. 'And this major's a total fucking mentalist,' he said. 'What's mental about him?' asked the lance corporal beside him.

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