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meta- +‎ theatrical


metatheatrical (not comparable)

  1. of or pertaining to metatheatre
    • 2008 August 22, The New York Times, “Theater Listings”, in New York Times[1]:
      Amply stocked with jokes about theater lore and wry, metatheatrical gags, it may be silly and inconsequential, but it has more humor and heart than lots of the big-shot musicals on Broadway (1:30).
    • 2006 December 15, Laura Molzahn, “Mezza Verita”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Late in the game Core interjects a weird dance by two broccoli spears as well as metatheatrical musings that are genuinely thought-provoking.
    • 1999 April 16, Justin Hayford, “Technical Difficulties”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Like his closest aesthetic cousin in Chicago, Ian Pierce, Corwin has cobbled together a semiabsurdist, metatheatrical approach that rarely gives an audience easy access to his brooding, hard-edged fantasies.