From Middle English mikelnes, an unpalatalised variant (due to influence from Old Norse mikill) of Middle English michelnesse, from Old English miċelnes (greatness, size, mass, quantity, multitude, abundance, magnificence, great deed), equivalent to mickle +‎ -ness. Cognate with Old High German michilnessi (greatness, magnitude). See also muchness.


mickleness (uncountable)

  1. Greatness; bigness (in any sense); largeness; size.
    • 1905, Stopford Augustus Brooke, The history of early English literature:
      "There is in Britain a fen of unmeasured mickleness that begins from the river Granta, not far from the city which is called Grantaceaster.
    • 1995, Walter Hilton, The Goad of Love:
      [...] and for to show also the wonderful mickleness of hatred that thou hadst to my sin which I had made.