middle finger



middle finger (plural middle fingers)

  1. The finger between the forefinger and the ring finger
  2. An obscene gesture directed towards another as an insult, made by sticking up the middle finger of a hand.
    • 2018, Jason Silverstein, "Giving Middle Finger to Police Is a First Amendment Right, Man Argues in Lawsuit Over Ticket", Newsweek, February 4, 2018:
      An Indiana man argues in a federal lawsuit filed last week that he had a First Amendment right to give the middle finger to a state trooper, and that his free speech was violated when the gesture earned him a ticket.
  3. (figurative) An insult directed at someone.
    • 2007, Dominique Paul, The Possibility of Fireflies‎, page 62:
      Her whole way of being is a big middle finger to the other guy.


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