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From Middle English milken, from Old English *mylcen, milcen (of milk), equivalent to milk +‎ -en.

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milken (not comparable)

  1. (rare or archaic) Consisting of milk.
    • 1894, Flora Annie Steel, Tales of the Punjab, volume 1:
      Then the old woman filled her jar with milk, and went on her way rejoicing at her good fortune. But as she journeyed she met with the King of that country, who, having been a-hunting, had lost his way in the pathless plain. 'Give me a drink of water, good mother,' he cried, seeing the jar; 'I am half dead with thirst!' 'It is milk, my son,' replied the old woman; 'I got it yonder from a milken pond.'
  2. (rare) Milky; resembling milk.

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