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mini- +‎ cheeseburger


minicheeseburger (plural minicheeseburgers)

  1. A small cheeseburger.
    • 1996, Tim Kincaid, Today, tomorrow, and always:
      Becky Marx was perched at Agnetta's left, delicately sampling from an hors d' ouevres plate that included two Chinese dumplings, a minicheeseburger, several shrimp sauteed in lemon butter, six chicken nachos, and two stuffed mushrooms.
    • 2005, Laura Tiebert, Frommer's Chicago with Kids, page 119:
      There's no kids' menu, but the regular menu features chicken strips and minicheeseburgers, among other tot treats.
    • 2007, James Wilcox, Hunk City:
      They were both too hungry to wait for the yams and rutabagas to bake, so tonight they would have the frozen White Castle minicheeseburgers that Mr. Van Buren had won a year's supply of just before he passed away.
    • 2008 April 20, “Just In, From Europe”, in New York Times[1]:
      Cozy banquettes, low tables and soft lighting define this plush new area behind the bar at Le Cirque, with wines by the glass, cocktails and a menu of informal smallish plates: croque monsieur, salmon tartare, shrimp tempura, minicheeseburgers.