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From Middle English monymaker; equivalent to money +‎ maker.



moneymaker (plural moneymakers)

  1. Someone or something that earns or makes money; anything lucrative or profitable.
    With careful management, she hoped to grow her small business into a real moneymaker.
    • 2018 July 26, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, “A documentary muckraker takes on the tech sector of health in The Bleeding Edge”, in The Onion AV Club[1]:
      In a sense, The Bleeding Edge is about the privatization of our well-being; our bodies and illnesses are money-makers and, even if we know that our doctors have our best interests in mind, a treatment is some way a transaction between a patient and a glacially huge pharma-medical conglomerate out to make a profit.
  2. (slang, vulgar) (usually a woman's) butt, ass, rear end
    Shake your moneymaker.
  3. (slang, vulgar) A lady’s breast.
  4. (obsolete) One who makes (especially counterfeit) money.

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  1. Alternative form of monymaker