From moose +‎ -ling.


mooseling (plural mooselings)

  1. (rare) A small, young, or baby moose.
    • 1915, Ruth Kedzie Wood, The Tourist's Maritime Provinces, Dodd, Mead, p. 42 (Google snippet view):
      Gently, with a hand on its furry neck, the three- or four-day-old mooseling was towed back to the shore where the distraught mother was thrashing and stomping among the trees.
    • 1995, Lawrence Buell, The Environmental Imagination, →ISBN, p. 198 (Google preview):
      [M]oose and man are alike as caring parents, and the beast's tragedy, which the man has caused, smites the man's conscience and strengthens his resolve to be a good parent to mooseling as well as child.
    • 2010, Russell B. Hanson, "Rambling at the Edge" in St Croix River Road Ramblings, p. 50 (Google preview):
      [O]ur only visitor on the whole trip was a big moose and her mooseling, more interested in nibbling the brush than bothering us.