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From more +‎ -fold. Compare manifold, West Frisian mearfâld (plural), Dutch meervoud (plural).


morefold (not comparable)

  1. (science, mathematics) Being greater than one in number; plural; multiple; multiplex; manifold.
    • 1907, Proceedings of the section of sciences:
      The base-curves Br, Bs, Bt and Bu of the pencils are morefold curves of the surface L.
    • 1981, Tetsurō Seiyama, Kōzō Tanabe, New Horizons in Catalysis:
      In the case of a morefold coordinated complex a MOcrossing of occupied and unoccupied orbitals takes place, with the consequence that electrons enter molecular orbitals where antibonding 2n*—functions of the CO-molecule are [...]
    • 1995, May Sim, The Crossroads of Norm and Nature:
      The argument mentioned at 1166a35, that friendship with oneself is possible only so far as one is two or morefold (heesti duo epleid), has had its authenticity doubted.
    • 2007, Stephen Hawking, God Created the Integers:
      The most important property of these continua for our present purpose, for whose sake alone they are here investigated, is that the relations of the twofold ones may be geometrically represented by surfaces, and of the morefold ones may be reduced to those of the surfaces included in them; which now requires a short further discussion.
    • 2007, Lutz F. Tietze, Gordon Brasche, Kersten Gericke, Domino Reactions in Organic Synthesis:
      Besides morefold anionic domino processes with one pericyclic reaction, domino sequences combining two initiating anionic with two pericyclic steps have also been developed.


morefold (uncountable)

  1. (nonstandard, very rare) Plurality; multiplicity.
    • 1990, A. J. M. Gasteren, On the Shape of Mathematical Arguments:
      [...] that means that any manipulation that massages the term of such an expression has to be done in morefold.